Stephen Mark, ACE

Emmy-Nominated Editor

Legendary editor Stephen Mark, ACE has two Emmy and three Eddie nominations along with a win for “Best Edited One-Hour Series for Non-Commercial Television” for his work on HBO's Deadwood. Dedicated to teaching, Stephen recently taught at one of the world's most renowned film schools, Chapman University.

Sven Pape

Film Editor

I'm an ACE Award-nominated editor who cut for James Cameron (3D-Imax 'Ghosts Of The Abyss'), Mark Webber (Sundance Grand Jury Prize nominee, 'The End of Love'), and Joseph Gordon-Levitt (Emmy-Winning 'HitRECord on TV'). Films I cut premiered at Sundance, SXSW, Cannes, and played theatrically across the nation. I worked as Supervising Editor on several TV shows on networks like Bravo, E!, and Fox. I was the Go-To Editor for companies like Fremantle Media (American Idol) and cut pilots for them for more than five years. My YouTube Channel 'This Guy Edits' has over 475k subscribers and focuses on creative storytelling and editing. I taught Film Editing at Columbia College Hollywood, and I am a regular guest lecturer at the UCLA Film Extension. I now designed this course where I teach you everything I know about becoming a Go-To Editor.

Learning By Doing

Everything in this Super Bundle is created to actively engage you with the lessons: Footage from real film projects, feedback that works, and interactive learning

  • The Go-To Editor 4.0: It's the ultimate film editing course (real dailies from Award-winning films, hands-on step-by-step training)

  • All lessons offer on-the-job training, where you organize footage, cut scenes, and build a broader story arc. You get the scene dailies, audio files, and script pages. (NOTE: For educational purposes only. Footage & edited scenes MAY NOT be publicized, sold, put on your reel, or used as a work sample. See Terms of Service.)

  • Once we tackled the basics, we focus on the most important part of editing: Storytelling. Every lesson covers important aspects of shaping character, story, and emotions.

  • Advanced Film Editing with Stephen Mark, ACE: The EditMentor platform presents a revolutionary way of learning. It offers hands-on challenges with instant feedback.

  • You’ll learn to identify key story moments, build intrigue, and create empathetic characters. Plus, you’ll download and re-edit a Tribeca audience award-winning film now streaming on HBO.

  • YouTube Kickstarter: An interactive workshop in collaboartion with EditMentor and This Guy Edits on YouTube with over 480,000 subscribers.

  • Learn to craft videos that hook an audience and keep them watching through intentional storytelling that sets stakes, provides value, conveys passion, and ultimately builds a community.

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